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Giovedì, 07 Gennaio 2016 19:10

Elite Dangerous: Horizons rilasciata la patch 2.0.03

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Rilasciata la Patch 2.0.03 per Elite Dangerous ed Elite Dangerous Horizons.

Il team di sviluppo di Frontier ha rilasciato ieri alle 12:00 Rome TimeZone l'aggiornamento della galassia Elite. In attessa del pià cospicuo aggiornamento sono stati corretti alcune problematiche ed aggiunte funzioni alla parte cliente, sopratutto per quanto riguarda il download dei file del simulatore. Come sempre dall'uscita di Elite Horizons, si consiglia caldamente a tutti coloro che hanno la possibilità offerta dal proprio sistema operativo, di utilizzare la versione 64Bit.

A seguito il log changes della nuova versione:


Don't crash if an invalid preset is selected in bindings.
Fixed a crash in trail rendering.
Prevent a crash if closing bulletin board while the page is updating.
Fixed a prospecting drone crash.
Fixed a render crash with asteroid cluster.
Fixed a crash from NPC launching.
Zooming into a discovered planet surface map and zooming out will show all unknown planets - fixed.
Corrected an issue when accumulating replication on SRVs so that we don't halt network replications if the owner is currently in the classified camera.
Shouldn't have to drive away from the crashed ship sites and Barnacles to be able to recall your ship.
Fixed a network error when shutting down drones.
Rebalanced the ice field lighting in the CQC map.
Fix for at least one cause for broken materials on Radeon HD 5000/6000 GPU's.
Fix skipping in ident video.
Plus sign fixed for German language.


When purchasing exploration data, Universal Cartographics is now able to include details on all bodies in a system.
Fixed a number of star systems with stuck controlling minor factions.


Addition of 'Alternate Download' option for users with slow download speeds.
Fix for users unable to launch the 32-bit ED client.
Fix for some new customers not seeing the redeem product prompt.
Minor background update when launcher is booted via Steam.

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