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VIAF partecipa al NATO M&S Standardization Workshop

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VIAF è invitata alla partecipazione del NATO M&S Standardization Workshop che si terrà a Roma martedì 17 novembre 2015 presso la Caserma "Adriano De Cicco", alla Città Militare della Cecchignola.



The NATO M&S Standardization Workshop (MSG-144) officially recognized by NATO Modelling & Simulation Group in NATO M&S COE work for NATO M&S Master Plan (MSMP) that calls for the application of the Modelling and Simulation (M&S) for cost effective defence planning, training, exercises, support to operations, research, technology development and armament acquisition.
Common standards are essential enablers for simulation interoperability and re-use either in technical architectures or data interchange standards and best practices. The NATO M&S Group (NMSG) was officially nominated as the Delegated Tasking Authority for M&S Standardization since 2003.
Inside the NMSG, a specific subgroup dedicated to standards, has been created in 2007 with the main goal of providing and maintaining an overview or " Standard Profile" of existing and emerging standards in the M&S field. This subgroup has been named M&S Standards Subgroup (MS3). To this group belong almost all the Nations in the NMSG. One of the objectives of MS3 is that of reaching a very broad dissemination among the National M&S communities of the standards related to M&S.
The MSG-144 Workshop program has been set to provide to an as large as possible audience a description of the most important standards by Subject Matter Experts coming from NATO nations.
The MSG-144 Workshop will provide attendees a discussion forum to advance M&S standardization in the Alliance. The combination of M&S users and developers and operational representative concentrated in this one forum will not only educate attendees, but also provide opportunity to promote and disseminate the importance of standardization in NATO.  It will  be an excellent  opportunity to identify and gain input on and resolution of issues associated with NATO standardization, provide overviews of current NATO M&S standardization activities, to highlight M&S standards and best practices to be used through all military applications.

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